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February 4, 2016
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March 2, 2016

A big thanks to NEC Displays

NEC Displays – a great partner

In our world of integrated systems, good partners are important. At Instoremedia, we are lucky to have several, and while we don’t rank them, if we did, NEC Displays would be close to the top!

So this is our small way of saying thanks…

ISE 2016 was a great show for us, and we were delighted to support our friends and colleagues at NEC Displays on their stand. We obviously focused our efforts on our promotion of the Magic Mirror, but this was only a small part of the overall show experience created by NEC.

So, by way of saying thank you, we thought we’d give you a few more details on the advanced display technology and novel applications which NEC Displays showcased at the event.

A few of our favourites

We’re naturally biased in favour of our own subjective favourite technologies, but those who are interested in a very comprehensive run down of the NEC booth at ISE 2016 and would like to read more about it may do so by clicking here, which will take you to the official press portal detailing NEC’s attendance at ISE 2016.

In the meantime, here are a few of our favourites….

Obviously, we start with Instoremedia….

I just had to get this in…. we were delighted to showcase our bridge between bricks and mortar marketing and M-Commerce…. a Digital Signage Screen with smartphone interactivity. The screens were fronted with reflective glass creating a stunning mirror effect, and featured  2x 70″ and 2 x 80″ P series NEC displays with 700cd/m2 brightness. Content was synchronised over the LAN at a resolution > 4K:

We also enjoyed the following:

It isn’t all about us, and on the NEC Displays stand we also enjoyed their Hiperwall! A huge and completely integrated Visual Control centre.

NEC Displays Hiperwall at ISE 2016

NEC Displays Hiperwall at ISE 2016

And NEC Displays also launched a new projector

At ISE 2016 NEC launched the P502HL, which is the world’s most compact 5,000 lumen projector unit. On top of this NEC Displays also demo’d their market leading PX803UL projector. Here’s a picture of it below:

The NEC PX803UL projector

The NEC PX803UL projector


We’re all about sharing, and the NEC multi touch table is designed to facilitate collaboration in the workplace.


Flat Frog Touch Table

And finally, the U321Hi interactive wall with projectors is also designed to encourage a collaborative interaction with Digital Display technologies:


U321Hi interactive wall with projection

At Instoremedia we always approve of interactive Digital Signage technologies. We have a long track record in this area ourselves, and anything which engages the audience in makes display technology more immediately and measurably useful.

So finally, thanks go to NEC Displays Europe for working with us on their showcase at ISE 2016. This selection of photos represents only a proportion of the many innovative display technologies and applications which NEC showcased at the event, so in case you missed the link posted to the official NEC write up posted earlier in the article, here it is again:

Official webpage of NEC @ ISE 2016

If you would like to hear more about how Instoremedia could help you to implement a Digital Signage network of any size, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will always be delighted to assist with any enquiries.

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