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December 18, 2017
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Digital Signage in Travel Agents - The Holiday begins on the High Street

With intense competition from online, Digital Signage in Travel Agents can enhance your Travel Agent Brand so you stand out from the crowd.

Not everyone knows that High Street Travel Agents have unique deals.
With competition from online intense, enhancing the experience of your shop can be a key way to make sure people don't miss out.

This is why Go Travel decided to work with Instoremedia and its partners, Nugget Design and Inurface Media to refurbish their high street shops in South East London.

Integrated Digital Signage
The shops feature a completely integrated Digital Signage Screen system with large format, outward facing window screens, internal large format screens and a tablet operated remote control system in the specially built Discovery Zone of each shop.

Window Screens Drive Footfall
The outward facing window screens are designed to drive footfall, engaging passers-by with the latest deals on offer in the shop as well as advertising the latest, most competitive currency exchange rates on offer.

Internal Screens Create a Relaxing Atmosphere, and can be used by Staff in the Sales Consultation
Once inside, customers are encouraged to feel like they are already guests at a resort or a hotel by being invited into the shop Discovery Area.
There, staff can display content on screens which is tailored to each customer using a tablet operated remote control. This enables staff members to display content about specific types of holiday or offer by changing channel in the same way they would with a TV remote.

Content Scheduled to all Shops is mixed with Region Specific Content
Other features of the system include Global Content Scheduling with Local Content Mixing. This means that Go Travel can schedule content to screens in all of their shops, but can mix it with content which is specific to each shop at a regional level. Go Travel can also update dynamic offers such as currency exchange rates in real time in order to get an edge over local competitors.

Integrating Shops into the Community
Not only does this mean that Go Travel can optimise their promotional effort to compete locally, it means they can also help their community by donating airtime to advertise local events or services, integrating their shops into the High Street as a community hub. This was particularly important, because one of Go Travel's major selling points is their reputation as a local business with deep roots in their community.

An Enhanced Retail Brand
The Digital Signage solution is part of an overall brand enhancing refurbishment. Customers can immediately relax and choose the best holiday or travel offer for them. Digital signage has been seamlessly integrated into the sales consultation process, and easy, centralised content control means that Go Travel can market their product responsively and easily using their freshest, most engaging promotional content.

It's a big improvement on jaded posters, both in terms of appearance and brand compliance, and even though Go Travel do not have specialised systems operators Instoremedia's simple, intuitive interface enables them to operate their screens effectively.

Above all, Digital Screens mean Go Travel can capture the attention of passers-by using powerful, animated and up to date content, then invite them into a relaxing, consultative retail environment showing content which can be tailored to each guest.
Not only does this enhance the experience and loyalty of regular customers, but it means people who might never have considered using a High Street Travel Agent are engaged with their unique offers and services.

Some Facts about Instoremedia Digital Signage and how it can Help You

Instoremedia is a market leading Digital Signage Software Company.
Our software enables you to play animated content, stills, dynamic templates or movies on a network of Digital Screens which you control centrally over the internet.
You can schedule specific content to specific screens to play at specific times of the day, and almost any kind of content can be played on any kind of Digital Display.
Studies show that compared to traditional hard copy signage, well thought out content played on digital screens can lift sales, improve recall rates and can even improve customer perception of queuing times.
As digital technology becomes increasingly normal for your customers and as technology becomes more and more cost effective, there has never been a better time to try Digital Signage than now. If you would like to hear how Instoremedia can help you, then please get in touch using the request button below and we will be delighted to speak to you.
Go Travel Digital Signage – Key Features

Large Scale Broadcasting

Content can be finely targeted over a large scale network

Intuitive CMS and Templating

Information about events and services can be changed in the CMS

Integrated System Management

Featuring comprehensive software and hardware management tools


Allows bespoke content and hardware integration

Future Proof

The system will be compatible with new technology for years to come