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September 21, 2017
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Instoremedia supplied Digital Menu Boards to Burger King restaurants in the UK as part of their BK2020 facelift. The Instoremedia system has proved to be both flexible and scaleable and great fit for a Quick Service Restaurant.

Digital Menu Boards – Ideal for Quick Service Restaurants

Digital Menu Boards open up an enticing new world of possibilities for Quick Service Restaurants. First, it’s good if you can instantly change your menus to reflect a change in the audience demographic or environment. You might sell different foods if it’s a warm day compared to a cold day, or if you have more people in the restaurant of a certain age or gender. Second, Digital Menu Boards ensure a degree of marketing compliance far greater than is realistically achievable using traditional print technologies. Finally, Digital Menu Boards enable you to modernise your restaurants and enhance the customer experience, while targeted animation played on the Menu Boards can enhance sales uplift.

Only Digital Signage gives you immediate marketing

Only Digital Signage will enable you to change your Menus to cater to these changes in an instant. Instoremedia Digital Signage comes with features which allow people in a shop to change the screen for set periods of time, so trusted people in a restaurant can respond to these changes while retaining overall central control of the content schedule.

Compliance is important

Second, and especially if you are a multiple, compliance is important. With Instoremedia Digital Signage you don’t need to worry if instruction or materials to show the latest promotion got through – you just schedule it in. You can schedule months or even years in advance of a promotion going live, so even if you or your system go offline, the Digital Menus will still change at the time and for the duration you specified.

Enhance the experience

Digital Menu Boards will help you modernise the appearance of restaurants. In a Digital Age, the presence of Digital Marketing will help you to engage your customer base

Animated Digital Content can improve sales

This is a generally accepted principle and many independent studies have reproduced uplift in various proxy and direct measures of sales. These include dwell time, eye tracking and, of course, the most important, sales themselves. Up to a 5% bounce is a reasonable expectation for those who invest in Digital Signage solutions capable of displaying animated content.
Burger King Digital Menu Boards – Key Features

Large Scale Broadcasting

Content can be finely targeted over a large scale network

Intuitive CMS and Templating

Information about events and services can be changed in the CMS

Integrated System Management

Featuring comprehensive software an hardware management tools


Allows bespoke content and hardware integration

Future Proof

The system will be compatible with new technology for years to come
Hardware Specifications
1. A mixture of LG 42″ screens, including the LG M4210/12/and 13 (Discontinued)
2. PC Media Players with Windows Embedded from Lenovo, Fujitsu Siemens and Foxconn
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