Digital Signage to all 14 stores in Sweden
October 8, 2007
Instoremedia attends interactive retail seminar in Stockholm
January 24, 2008

Teknikmagasinet has installed Instoremedia 3.3 in 10 stores

Teknikmagasinet is one of the largest retail suppliers of technology gadgets on the Swedish consumer market. Since the first store was installed with digital signage in May, an additional nine stores have been installed and upgraded with the new Instoremedia software release 3.3.

Their network now enjoys a much reduced overall bandwidth usage and has set a specific maximum bandwidth for each player.

The in-store digital signage solution is used to show current offers and campaigns. In pre-programmed templates Teknikmagasinet can very easily change product picture, text, and price.

Teknikmagasinet has decided to manage all content administration and system surveillance from their headquarters in Stockholm.

The Instoremedia system for digital signage can easliy be expanded. Teknikmagasinet has a total of 80 stores and are very pleased with their digital signage solution.

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