Instoremedia touches even more
November 13, 2009
New office
February 3, 2010

Summary for 2009

The year started with the launch of a new graphic profile to position Instoremedia on the market and communicate the core values of being flexiblecreativeinternational, and professional.

Many new customers and installations were completed during the year.

Some of the new projects are the bed manufacturer Hästens that chose Instoremedia for their installations in two new stores, one in Stockholm and one at Harrods in London. Sickla Köpkvarter, a shopping mall in Stockholm, asked for an application that would act as an interactive map to guide visitors within the shopping area. Instoremedia, and our partner Concept Solutions, produced and delivered information terminals to Sickla köpkvarter.

During the summer Instoremedia went on tour with ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s with the mission to increase the brand knowledge among their audience. A screen from Instoremedia was installed inside the ice cream trailer to show Ben & Jerry’s latest commercials throughout the tour.

Instoremedia also created solutions for two prestigious new customers: The Royal Dramatic Theater and the Swedish Royal Court.

Stockholm International Fairs had their premier of digital signage after a completed installation that began 2008. Today 78 screens, mainly located at the entrances, galleries, and halls, are displaying information about events in the facility, both ongoing and future.

Telia and Instoremedia joined for a new shop concept. The shop concept was designed for the entire Nordic region, with the focus on services instead of hardware. The result was a state of the art shop with digital signage solutions from Instoremedia.

Instoremedia received the highest credit rating from UC AB, Sweden’s leading business and credit Information Company. UC AB declared that Instoremedia AB had the highest credit rating of a risk forecast of 0.18%.

Instoremedia also moved to a new office located at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm. PS Arkitektur AB was the architect bureau who made sure that the new office became state of the art and in line with the Instoremedia profile.

Internationally we developed our work with partners and launched new partnerships around the world. Partners in Finland, England, and Norway are now working with their own products and packages based on the Instoremedia Platform. We, Instoremedia, provide server environment, support and installations for demo and pilots for a number of our partners’ customers.

During 2009 Instoremedia signed agreements with both resellers and partners worldwide. A partnership with Touchtech resulted in multi-touch solutions, and the Instoremedia Platform is now integrated with Touchtech Teo, a framework for building multi-touch applications.

Prospects for 2010

Instoremedia will continue the hard work and implement many more new projects, grow with new employees, and develop more partnerships around the world.

Our partner web site will be improved to support our partners in the absolute best way.

Instoremedia will be exhibiting on fairs both nationally and with partners internationally.

We are looking to the future with confidence, and together with our partners, as well as our existing and future customers, we will make 2010 a successful year!

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