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January 18, 2009
Instoremedia helps Scala
February 19, 2009

Summary for 2008

The year began with the installation of Telia Concept store at Kungsgatan in Stockholm, an installation that during the year developed more and more to make the Telia Concept store state of the art with focus on digital messages.

The launch of Version 3.3 software meant increased performance for customers. The new 3.3 upgrade of Instoremedia requires much less bandwidth since each player’s network load can be restrained.

Hemmakväll stores began equipping its stores with Instoremedia Platform, which will proceed in 2009. Hemmakväll have cooperated with Instoremedia since 2005. 2007 Hemmakväll was bought by Videomix and the entertainment chain extended to 64 stores. The remaining stores will be installed with the Instoremedia system during 2009, a project involving about 500 LCD screens.

Instoremedia won an prestigious assignment that involves installation of a hundred screens at Stockholm International Fairs. The extent of hardware in the initial phase will be 54pcs 52″ screens, 8pcs 57″ screens, 13pcs 40″ screens, and 39 media players.

The company has grown by 5 new employees in 2008.

Internationally, we have begun working more with partners and have launched new partnerships around the world. Instoremedia Platform has proven to be very competitive on the international market and more partners are now working with their own products and packages based on the Instoremedia Platform adapted to national markets. We, Instoremedia, provide server environment and installations for demo and pilots for a number of our partners’ customers. Finland, England, Switzerland, and Australia are countries where Instoremedia is presence at the moment. The ambition to expand will continue with our primarily focus on Europe.

Awards have been received during the past year. Instoremedia received the 3rd prize in the “Rising Star 2008” by Deloitte for its increased turnover of 598% over the last three years. Rising Star is an objective ranking of the 25 fastest growing technology companies in Sweden, which have had activities in at least three years but less than five years.

Instoremedia also won a prize from NEC Display Solutions for “Best solution of the Year 2008”.

“Instoremedia is a pioneer in digital signage and NEC’s oldest partner within the digital signage area. Instoremedia has, together with NEC, through the past years been at the forefront of digitalization in advertising. Many of the projects have been groundbreaking and most of all, they have, by combining interactive touch and large public displays, moved the market forward”. – NEC

2008 was a great year for Instoremedia and we look forward with confidence to 2009 together with our existing and future customers!

Prospects for 2009

Implement many more new projects, and to hire more employees and to continue in the positive upswing we have had in 2008.

Next year Instoremedia 3.4 will be launched, a new version of Instoremedia which is even better and provides new opportunities that will make us an even stronger and more attractive provider of digital signage. With this new version we expect to increase productivity and deal with many customers in the same installation, primarily for our partners. In addition, there will be more support for the latest technology and exciting new opportunities for new products and packages.

New graphic profile and new website will be released. The idea behind the new profile is to position Instoremedia on the market and communicate the core values of being “flexible, global, and professional.”

An international effort will be made with unique packages for partners and more co operations on the international market with both old and new partners.

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