Instoremedia creates unique reception displays
February 23, 2009
Instoremedia is attending easyFairs 2009
March 4, 2009

Premier of digital signage at Stockholm International Fairs (Stockholmsmässan)

The installation of Instoremedia digital signage is almost completed at Stockholm International Fairs.

54pcs 52 “displays, 8pcs 57” displays, 13pcs 40 “screens, 3pcs 65” screens and 39 media players will be up and running just in time for the annual boat show the 28th of February.

“The investment in digital signage that Stockholm international fairs is doing right now is happening at a perfect time. Digital billboards will give the fair new opportunities to inform their visitors about what happens during various fairs.” – Jens Schill, Account Manager at Instoremedia.

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