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May 20, 2007
Instoremedia delivers a digital signage solution to Catella
July 5, 2007

Instoremedia – Nominee at Microsoft .Net Awards 2007

For the second year in a row Instoremedia is one of the nominees of the prestigious Microsoft .Net Awards 2007. Instoremedia is this year competing in the category “Mobility” with a system solution for FörlagEtt and the “Mediejukebox”. Together with FörlagEtt, Instoremedia has digitalized the Swedish libraries and placed them in the front row of the global technical development. Last year Instoremedia received first price in the category “Consumer Impact” for a digital signage solution delivered to the international telecom company Telenor. Microsoft .Net Awards rewards the most innovative and impressive Swedish technical solutions each year. This year the winners will be presented the 6th of September on Microsoft Partner Summit in Stockholm.

Solving technical challenges is a big part of the everyday life of Instoremedia and the most recent among many successful solutions is a system created for FörlagEtt and the Mediejukebox. The system allow free use of digital media such as movies, music and audio books. The Mediejukebox is available in 22 libraries and more are to come. The system is built on .Net 2.0 and information is stored on SQL Server or SQL Server Express.

“To be nominated for the second year in a row is a strong evidence of our knowledge and expertise in system integration which has taken us to a leading position on the digital signage market. Our goal to be the pioneer on the market and offer our customers the most innovative technical solutions that enhances their communication has once again been reached. Microsoft’s products are the foundation of our software and have helped us create a very flexible system that can be used in a variety of different areas.” – Mikael Ekstrand, Marketing & Sales Manager at Instoremedia AB

“The Mediejukebox is a complex product where many different parts need to collaborate, such as a large quantity of media, software and hardware and network. Updating the media might involve distribution of 15 Gb during one night which make heavy demands on the capacity of the system. The solution integrates new technology of both administration and distribution of media that satisfies the demands of the media suppliers as well as the demands of the users of the Mediejukebox. The system is through its central management and administration very efficient.” – Christer Andersson, Förlagschef FörlagEtt

For more information please contact:
Mikael Ekstrand, Marketing- & Sales Manager Instoremedia AB,
+46 (0) 733 13 70 10

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Instoremedia is a supplier of a turnkey solutions for digital signage and in store TV services. Customers are, for example, Telenor, Telia, I.ME.MY, Yamaha, The Phone House, and Hemmakväll. Instoremedia is the market leader on the Swedish market with hundreds of installations.

The system is developed for marketing and information distribution in shops, restaurants, shopping malls and internal corporate information. The system consists of many new and innovative solutions such as central administration, scheduling and integration to other IT-systems. During 2007 Instoremedia has gained many new strategic customers on the fast expanding digital signage market. This summer an United Kingdom office will be established due to the increasing demand of digital signage on the UK market.

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