Instoremedia attended easyFairs’ Butiksleverantör 2010
April 9, 2010
Instoremedia is attending “NEC Competence day 2010”
September 9, 2010

Instoremedia attending the NEC Showcase 2010 In London

Instoremedia will attend an interactive showcase of the latest innovative technology developments within the display solutions industry, hosted by NEC Display Solutions. Instoremedia will show how digital signage solutions can benefit from the usage of sensors to provide a more intuitive consumer experience.

The integration between the NEC Context Framework and Instoremedia is a research project with the purpose to show “what is possible” and a visual example of digital signage taken to the next level.

The following sensors will be demonstrated at the fair in London:

  • An off-the-shelf webcam, using Computer Vision algorithms that make it capable to track users as they approach the demo area. This demonstration shows how it is possible to adapt content and catch users’ attention as they approach the display.
  • A touch screen and RFID tagged car models are used for visitors to be able to interact with the objects. By placing a car model on the corresponding color, users get a preview of the car, and are able to add accessories using the touch screen. This demonstration shows how using RFID can create an interaction and enhance the customer experience.
  • An accelerometer installed inside a car model. By rotating the real car model, the user can see a 3D model of the car rotating accordingly on a digital display. This installation provides a visualization of details and variations that would otherwise remain hidden or be overlooked.

Instoremedia and NEC provided a similar installation at the ISE fair in Amsterdam, so for those who missed it; this will be a second chance to experience innovative technology within the digital signage area.

bild2 ISE 2010

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