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September 21, 2010
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January 14, 2011

Instoremedia attended a fair together with FörlagEtt

Instoremedia and FörlagEtt attended the annual fair “Bok och bibliotek 2010” in Gothenburg, Sweden on September the 23th to 26th.

Instoremedia and FörlagEtt who already have an ongoing partnership with mediejukeboxen have now developed a new concept: Biblioteks-TV (Library TV).

The product is easiest described as a digital flyer for showing different types of content on screens within libraries. The product consists of hardware and software with the ability to display pictures, movies and web pages. Content may be new books, guest authors, and other information that may be of interest for the visitors. The goal is to be flexible, user-friendly and easy to administer and update.

The product was displayed at the fair in Gothenburg and the response among the visitors was very positive

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