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July 2, 2009
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August 26, 2009

Instoremedia and Telia joining in new store concept

Telia has together with Blink design produced a new store concept. As always, all the digital signage is delivered by Instoremedia with company Doberman in charge of the design and creativity regarding the digital areas within the store.

The focus of the concept has been to invite customers to use the store’s digital surfaces. We want to make visitors stay longer in the store and courage them to try the products. All products in the store are therefore live instead of using dummies so that customers can try the various services. The store concept is designed for the entire Nordic region, where the focus is services instead of hardware. The shop is a new project to be evaluated before the concept rolls out in other stores.

From Instoremedia the following has been installed:

  • 4 pcs of 40″ touch screens combined with pickup on 20 phones
  • 2 tables consisting of 4 pcs of 22″ touch screens and pickup. 1 pickup is connected to each screen.
  • 1 piece of 22″ Welcome screen showing pictures of all the staff working at the moment. The screen is also a queue system delivering queue tickets.
  • 1 piece of 32″ LCD screen behind the counter showing commercials. The screen is also connected to a camera where the staff can display mobile phones for demo purposes.
  • Web manager to control all the 32″ screens with different inspiration and illustration movies.
  • “Easy to use” web tool to administrate the touch screens with new models and/or prices.
  • Music partner that plays music and shows which song is played at the moment
  • A wall with 4 pcs of 40″ LCD-screens showing different messages

“Once again, we are involved in the building of a new Telia shop. It is always fun and challenging to work with a company that invests wholeheartedly in digital signage and the interaction between technology and the user. Telia keeps renewing their concepts with the purpose to facilitate and improve sales and the overall experience of being in their shops.” – Mikael Ekstrand, Sales and Marketing Manager at Instoremedia.

Instoremedia has developed Telia’s new store with partners Doberman, Gordon Project, Nilsson & Partners and Blink design.

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