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September 3, 2007
32″ touch screens delivered to PS Communication
October 4, 2007

Instoremedia 3.3 released

The new release marks a great step in the evolution of Instoremedia from a digital signage software into a powerful and reliable communications platform that integrates naturally in a corporation’s existing IT infrastructure.

It is now possible to host several isolated installations on one server and this will further lower the threashold for customers and partners to set up and operate Instoremedia in big or small scale, dedicated or as a service.

Version 3.3 features a new robust, single port communications protocol, binary encrypted directly on TCP/IP level and with continuous integrity assurance. The server is now enabled to work on different subnets simultaneously and provides full transparency on all server activity. FTP is not used anymore.

In addition, the flexible integration framework that was introduced in 3.2, has been further developed into a solid foundation for integration to legacy systems/databases/SOA architectures as well as alternative interfaces such as web components or Microsoft Excel.

Instoremedia 3.3 is Windows Vista ready and has support for Microsoft Silverlight.

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