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March 15, 2013
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January 16, 2014

INSM integrates with Aperture for ARM

Instoremedia has integrated its market leading Digital Signage platform with the Aperture Graphics Rendering Engine for Digital Signage.

Aperture is developed and produced by UK based software consultants Silvercurve, and is designed primarily as a graphics framework for ARM based Media Players.

Aperture gives the end user stunning play back quality by optimising Hardware Accelerated graphics rendering through the Media Player’s GPU, while minimising load on its CPU.

Integrating Aperture with Instoremedia means that customers can now operate the full range of Instoremedia features on ARM based Media Players, from the same user interface as they use to operate PC based Media Players.

ARM based Media Players typically have lower power use profiles and initial buy prices than PC based Media Players, and we expect this and similar solutions to open up the Digital Signage market to new customers who were previously put off by cost considerations, as well as helping existing clients to save money and reduce their Carbon footprints.

Initially the product will be sold on Media Players incorporating the Raspberry Pi, which have been designed by Anders Electronics, manufacturers of the Tiny Green PC.

Anders Electronics will offer the Media Player and Aperture together as an off the shelf product to distribution channels, with both standalone and OPS versions of the player available.

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