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May 11, 2016

NEC Publish a Case Study of Digital Menus at Marks & Spencer

NEC publish case study on Digital menus at Marks & Spencer
digital menus
As part of our global deal to supply digital signage software to Marks & Spencer we worked with NEC Display Solutions UK to deliver exciting digital menus to shops in their estate.

This was part of a much wider roll out of digital signage being undertaken by Marks & Spencer with both NEC and Instoremedia.
The digital menus are designed both to add a vibrant feel to the serving area, and to ensure that information on menus is up to date and relevant.
Menus which are not up to date can be a significant source of frustration for people visiting quick services restaurants, and digital signage is the best way to ensure they are always up to date with your latest prices and offers, as well as accurately reflecting stock levels of different items on the menu.
Other sources of frustration include over servery menus which are difficult to read or poorly lit. Again, making your digital menus digital is a fantastic way of addressing this, as the screens will display vibrant, easy to read content which is perfectly visible even in low light levels.
Other features of digital menus which are of benefit to users are the ability to respond rapidly to any demographic or environmental changes. For example, if it’s hot, then it may be an opportunity to sell lighter foods. This is made especially easy by other features in Instoremedia, such as its remote control. Remote control enables a trusted user in the shop to switch the menu to show pre-programmed promotions playing on a different channel for a set period of time.
You can read the full Instoremedia case study of this installation by clicking the link here or
You can download NEC’s case study in pdf by clicking the link then right clicking the file icon and choosing “save as” here

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