Instoremedia delivers a digital signage solution to Catella
July 5, 2007
Two new software developers
September 3, 2007

Copiax is facing the future

Copiax – Scandinavia’s largest organization for locksmith retailers has ordered Instoremedias digital signage system

The digital signage system will initially be installed in 39 stores all over Sweden. Each store will have a player and a LCD-screen, ranging from 22″ to 32″ in size, installed during the summer.

The Copiax headquarter is hosting the server that will connect the retail stores to the Instoremedia system. The digital signage system will foremost be used for product advertisement and commercials which will be centrally managed. Each individual store will also get the opportunity to manage some of the content to fit the local store.

Instoremedia works together with Sync AB on this project, and is very proud to once again deliver a digital signage solution to the retail market.

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