Instoremedia 3.3 released
September 20, 2007
Digital Signage to all 14 stores in Sweden
October 8, 2007

32″ touch screens delivered to PS Communication

PS Communication sought a mobile digital solution to use at marketing events for TeliaSonera – the leading Telecom supplier in Scandinavia. Instoremedia delivered a system solution and hardware to two human sized mobile telephones.

PS Communication is one of the largest event communication agencies in Sweden, recently appointed to be the best event marketing agency in the industry.

To market Telia’s mobile service “football in the mobile” during the Swedish premier division this summer, PS Communication sought an interactive digital solution to two human sized mobile telephones. The phones would be used for demonstration outside the arenas. And later on also used during international matches.

The mobile telephones were to be installed with 32″ LCD-screens with touch application as displays, so they would resemble real phones. The large touch screens would create interest, curiosity and would be very useful in illustrating the service.

Instoremedia delivered two interactive 32″ touch screens filled with content. The content in the touch screen were identical to the content in the real service with information about the teams, program and the results. The content was updated through the Instoremedia software that was installed at a central server at the Instoremedia office in Stockholm as well as on the media players in the phones.

Telia PS 32tum pek

The largest challenge was to create a solution were the phones could be updated by the central server in an environment where there was no network. This was solved by installing a 3G component in the system which made it possible to update the phones without a network connection.

Instoremedia is proud to yet again deliver a unique and customized solution.

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