Square the circle – Link phones and tablets to digital signage screens

Instoremedia at the NEC Showcase 2017

Instoremedia will be at the NEC Showcase 2017 showing how you can link phones and tablets to digital signage screens with our Air application. This application means you can create an end-to-end experience with your digital signage screens!

Here are some examples of what you could do with it:

  • You could inspire your audience with a personalised message.
  • Your audience could download content, offers or media from a screen and share it online.
  • Staff or other stakeholders could use tablets to turn a screen into a detail aid.
  • Or you could allow staff to control displays without ever losing central control of the content you show.

Why should digital signage exist in isolation from other digital assets? Phones and tablets provide a way of linking your screens to everything else in your digital estate.

Instoremedia’s Air application is the bridge between Intoremedia’s award winning signage solution and everything else.

We’ll be showing how Instoremedia Air opens a new dimension in digital signage in the retail section. There will be a variety of applications on show, mostly based around retail although this technology is not limited to this use. If you haven’t registered make sure that you do. Apart from Instoremedia Air there will be plenty of other cutting edge signage exhibits on show, so please mark the date in your diary and come along to see us there!

The NEC Showcase runs from May 17 through May 18 at Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, WC1. If you haven’t already registered then you can do it here: NEC Showcase Registration Page

Let us know if you’d like a demo