Instoremedia at the NEC Showcase 2018

Instoremedia will exhibit at the NEC showcase 2018.

Held at Victoria House in London’s Bloomsbury Square, the NEC showcase 2018 will run for 2 days over May 16 & 17.

This is an ideal opportunity to see our latest technologies and learn how we could help you to engage your audiences.

The topic we seek to give some insight into at this year’s showcase is how to integrate signage with smartphones, and what opportunities that creates.

The two technologies we will show, Capture and Sales Aid, give some idea of how smartphone apps could be integrated with Digital Signage.

Capture – Word of Mouth for Digital Natives

We live in an increasingly digital native world where people view and interact with their world through the prism of their phones.

We think this gives users of Digital Signage a big advantage over people who only use traditional signage formats. Digital Signage can be integrated with smartphones in a way that traditional signage formats simply cannot be.

If you can connect your marketing in shops or other spaces to peoples’ phones in a really engaging way, then a campaign which begins on your signs in your shops or offices can spread through people interacting on their phones.

We think of it as a form of word of mouth marketing, but the difference here is that you’re providing the words to be shared courtesy of engaging content downloadable from Digital Signs.

Capture – Convenience

The other area where we foresee this giving you a real edge is in convenience. A shop where someone can see something they like on a screen and immediately download it to an app is more convenient than one where they cannot.

This may, in turn, create greater opportunity for you to trigger impulse purchases.

Sales Aid – Staff Investment

Another area we will look at is staff investment in signage. Many of our customers implement Digital Signage to improve brand and promotional compliance, but that doesn’t mean that people on the shop floor have to be cut out of the loop.

We will demonstrate a way in which you can allow staff or potentially even customers to change the content on screens for set periods of time from a smartphone without fear that they will play something you have not approved, or that the screens will not reset to displaying your priority promotional content.

The people best placed to recognise a trend are the customers themselves, or your staff who interact with them.

Allowing Staff or Customers to self-select the content you display on Digital Signs with their phones means you can take advantage of trends or even allow some personalisation of content display without any fear that your priority promotional content will be overridden.

It also means that your digital signage can become an effective communication channel, used for training or to reach out to staff not on the e-mail system.

New Ways of Engaging

Above all, we will be showing you new, exciting ways of engaging with audiences and ensuring they get the messages and content you most want them to notice make the impact they deserve to.

So please register to visit us at the show, and we look forward to seeing you there!