Direct Your Audience

Instoremedia is a market leading Digital Signage Software package. We can help you to direct, engage, capture and convert your audience.

Having displays which look fantastic is the best way to engage your audience, so our system makes it easy for you to play great content flawlessly.

This is why our software will play any kind of content on any kind of display. On top of that, we offer market leading diagnostic and content management tools. Our software is also compatible with a range of Media Players including SoC, Android and PC devices.

When viewers see great content on screens, you have the best chance of being noticed and of engaging them.

Engage Your Audience

Because engaging people is so critical to making an impact, Instoremedia supports direct interaction between screens and viewers.

Some of the ways we can help you to do this are simple, such through interactive screens. We also support content requests made by staff or viewers from tablets or phones. This could enliven a sales pitch, or allow immediate response to a change in audience.

Cutting edge interaction is achievable through content and data capture from screens to phones. People could share content from your screen to their social media profile! This level of personalisation, targetting and gamification means you can create displays which really add value.

Capture Your Audience

Whether you want to capture your audience’s attention or something else such as stats about effectiveness, dwell times or demographics, Instoremedia improves your chances of achieving your goals.

Whatever your Digital Signage Goal may be, we can support you.

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We have supported Digital Signage Networks for different applications at Customers both big and small. Here are two selected case studies at Marks & Spencer to give you a flavour of what we can do!

Global Digital Signage provider at Marks & Spencer

Digital Menus at Marks & Spencer

Watch our movie about screen and phone interaction!

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