Digital Signage Integrators, Content Creators or Channel Partners can build amazing Display networks with Instoremedia’s award winning Digital Signage

As a partner, whether a creative agency, Digital Signage Integrator, solutions Provider or other channel business, we can offer you the most flexible and extensible Digital Signage Platform on the market at generous reseller margins. We invite enquiries from partners, so please get in touch to find out how we could work together and maximise the impact of your projects.

Interactive Digital Signage

We support many different kinds of Interactive Digital Signage applications, including touch points, purchase kiosks, smartphones apps and beacons enabling you to create personalised, gamified Digital Signage.

Cutting edge signage

We ensure our cutting edge signage platform is compatible with the very latest software, sensor and hardware technologies including Android devices, Samsung System on Chip and Raspberry Pi.

API for Digital Signage Integration

Digital Signage Integration is an important option for many customers, and our extensive API makes it easy for you to create completely integrated Digital Signage applications.

Enterprise Digital Signage software

Our Digital Signage software is flexible and cutting edge. Invest in a future proof platform and get an extensible, customisable solution that delivers high-value by making your communication more efficient and attractive.

A model for Digital Signage Integrators and Partners

Instoremedia is perfect for Digital Signage Integrators, Creative Agencies or other Solution Providers who want to sell their own bespoke or out of the box solution and work with a friendly, supportive team.

A Modular Signage Platform

Use Instoremedia’s modular signage platform to build a system which is perfectly customised for your customer’s needs

Our partners and Digital Signage Integrators


Interested in becoming a partner?

We want to hear from Digital Signage Integrators, Content Creators, Developers and others who could use our Digital Signage software