The importance of Digital Signage APIs
January 7, 2016
NEC and Instoremedia showcase at ISE 2016 pt. II
February 1, 2016

The run up to ISE 2016 part I

It’s that time of year again.. time for ISE 2016…

It’s coming to ISE time, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got mixed feelings – trepidation at the thought of 4 (yes, it’s 4!) days wearing out shoes and knees walking the biggest indoor space created anywhere, ever (maybe not), but also excitement at the ¬†unrivalled chance for those of us interested in display technology to catch up, make new friends, discern new trends and, maybe, optional…. strike a deal or two.

So this is an appropriate time to start writing about it, and specifically what we at Instoremedia plan to showcase there!

Yes, we will be there, and are grateful to our partners for allowing us the chance to support them at this great event.

At ISE 2016 Instoremedia will be supporting NEC Display Solutions

Instoremedia is very proud to be partnering NEC Display Solutions at ISE 2016. We will be on stand R-24 in Hall 4 for the duration of the event, and cordially invite you all to pay us a visit while you are there.

What will Instoremedia be showcasing with NEC?

ISE is all about showing off, and we’ll be showing off our some of our most spectacular and innovative display capabilities.

Our aim with NEC is to show you something which is both personalised and visually stunning. To this end, we will be showcasing a 4K mirror video wall with proximity content triggers and smartphone interaction.

This will be a pretty cool experience for the audience, as before content trigger, the screens will simply look like a large mirror wall.

You may not want to see yourself in such close detail after the days (not to mention nights) of Amsterdam, so rest assured that the mirror will quickly respond to your presence with a display of uplifting, visually potent 4K content!

This content will be personalised, to the extent that you will be able to interact with it through a smartphone app. By interact, we mean download the content, play it on your phone or buy the advertised product. Pretty cool.

What this intends to show

We’ve said already that ISE is an opportunity to show off, and what we are showing off here is the possibility to create landmark, interactive and personalised display installations using Instoremedia Digital Signage and NEC displays. This may not be the kind of install that an organisation would have in every part of an estate, but it is possible to integrate this kind of splash installation into an existing network using Instoremedia Digital Signage.

Our targets as a company are, obviously, end users, but Instoremedia specifically services channel partners – Digital Signage integrators, solution providers and other service distributors. We would therefore invite you to attend our stand for a demo during the event.

Next week we will try to update you a bit more on the technical aspects of the displays as well as give you a few thoughts on the positioning of this kind of install.

We are looking forward to seeing you both back here and in Amsterdam!

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