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January 18, 2016
A Perfect Hardware and Software Integration
February 4, 2016

NEC and Instoremedia showcase at ISE 2016 pt. II

The features of our NEC showstopper

We are just a week away from ISE 2016 now, so it’s a good time to follow up on our previous blog entry with some technical details of what we’ll be showing there and how it could work for you in a commercial setting.

Instoremedia is a Swedish company, and the Swedes are people not known for hyperbole. So when we tell you that we’ll be showing something spectacular at the upcoming ISE event in Amsterdam, you know, we probably will be!!!

The NEC mirror mirror on the wall……

As promised in our last blog, here are a few details of the spec for our showstopping interactive mirror screen at ISE……

  • NEC P803 and P703 Large Format Displays,
  • NEC leafengine middleware for context aware signage
  • Instoremedia’s powerful Digital Signage Platform
  • 8m² semi-transparent mirror surface
  • A pinch of smartness and creativity

What it all does

This is a context aware signage application. So initially, all you will see is a stunning screen mirror wall with a whopping 8m2 display area, however…. the system is aware of your presence, with a beautiful content display at >4K triggered by your proximity.

The triggered content is designed to grab your attention, drawing you closer and engaging you. We hope that in real life, better engagement would lead to a better customer experience, improved marketing and sales uplift, but the real pièce de résistance will be the mobile smartphone interactivity which we have built into the show piece.

You will be able to interact with the display using a smartphone (which we supply so you don’t have to download anything). The App on the smartphone is created using Instoremedia APIs, thus there is no requirement for a native App – something we think is important as we expect you or your customers to have their own existing Apps.

The App will enable you to download content directly to a shopping basket, where you can learn more about it, share it on social media or even make a direct purchase from the shopping basket.

Where this fits

We will be using the show to gauge where potential customers think this technology fits, but there has been a well documented drive to integrate digital technologies across different channels in commerce, and this technology is definitely part of that.

The consumer of today enters any potential transaction of any kind armed with a huge amount of knowledge at his or her fingertips accessible through a portable smartphone. This means that even the traditional impulse purchase can be subject to scrutiny and consideration which was previously difficult.

This is often referred to as M-Commerce, and as smartphones become ubiquitous, so too does this form of transacting. In fact, M-Commerce transactions are already valued at >$200 billion annually, with projections that the market could approach $ 1 trillion within the next 5 years. That is simply huge, so looking at an innovative way of bringing M-Commerce into your estate and integrating it with more traditional forms of marketing has to be good.

Going viral.. from a Digital Signage Screen…..

No matter how much information a consumer can access, the impulse purchase is still a major constituent of the typical shopping trolley. Our expectation is that this technology makes quick purchase easier – if you see something on a screen, you can download details of it to your phone then decide if you really do like it before buying it, or you could look for recommended alternatives etc. This can all be integrated with social media applications, facilitating further promotion of products. The day when it will be possible for something to go viral from a Digital Signage screen has arrived. This should also help you to integrate the kind of marketing you run on social media with the kind of marketing you do in your estate – the two do not need to be separated from each other.

There is also the prospect of a transaction occurring in the opposite direction, from the consumer to you. Aggregating data from their interactions and integrating it with this technology could add real intelligence to your marketing effort. Further personalising the experience you give your customers in your outlets will enhance their experience.

The phone is important in purchase decisions, and will become even more so. Technology such as this looks spectacular, but, critically, it puts the phone at the centre of your bricks and mortar marketing. Making your marketing as intelligent as your consumer is critical, and bringing the convenience of online purchase to bricks and mortar retailing is a stated goal of our technology.

Take a look at this….

The link below will take you to a User Journey we created a couple of years ago showing a shopper as she progresses through the Digitally Integrated outlet of the future. Take a look – it might give you a few ideas of where this technology fits!

Shopping with Screens and Phones….

Engaging knowledgeable and tech savvy customer takes special effort, and this is what this what we and our partners NEC aim to give you – something special…

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