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November 3, 2014
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December 11, 2015

Low impact Digital Signage saves you money and lowers your Carbon Footprint

In the run up to ISE, I’d like to profile our latest Media Player partnership which has produced an ultra low impact Media Player which we will be demonstrating in Amsterdam.

The Tiny Green PC Solitaire is based on a Raspberry Pi, with additional features to make it fit for commercial use as a Media Player.

Specifically, these are:

  • A ruggedised, metal chassis
  • A serial port for screen control
  • A fanless design, free of moving parts
  • GPIO for external sensor integration
  • Wi-Fi
  • Inbuilt uninterrupted power supply
  • OPS (slot in) form.

The primary advantage of using a player like the Solitaire is its ultra low impact. PCs have been getting steadily more efficient over the years, but using a Raspberry Pi harnesses the incredible efficiency of the ARM processor architecture.

These processors are normally used in mobile phones and tablet computers, so they have to run for a long time from battery power.

To give a comparison of what has been achieved in the Solitaire player, the low impact PC Media Players currently use approximately 27 watts of power at full output.

A Solitaire player is rated at 7 watts.

At 2015 average UK domestic prices of 15.5p/ kWh, this means a Solitaire Player operating at power 24/7 costs around £9 per annum to run.

A small form PC doing the same costs around £37 per annum.

In an operational setting we anticipate this will translate into significant cost savings and carbon footprint reduction.

The Solitaire Player is compatible with the enterprise User Interface, as well as the new and simplified Instoremedia Now interface for small scale use.

While ARM processor Players like the Solitaire will not yet do everything a PC player can, it is still a valuable addition to our existing stable of PC based Media Players and, depending on your needs, may do everything you require or be an ideal complement to PC based Media Players. We will be demonstrating it at ISE. Please come and visit us at stand 8-F315 and we will be happy to talk to you about what we do.

John Muir.

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