NEC and Instoremedia showcase at ISE 2016 pt. II
February 1, 2016
A big thanks to NEC Displays
February 22, 2016

A Perfect Hardware and Software Integration

Instoremedia’s hardware integration with Philips D-Line Professional Display Screens

Continuing our run in to ISE 2016, we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be demonstrating a complete integration of Philips D-Line Screens and Instoremedia Software with partners Philips Professional Display Solutions at the upcoming show.

Hardware and software Integrations are important because….

You want choice. Choice is ubiquitous, and why shouldn’t you have it in Digital Signage?

On a serious note, there are relatively few people who make both the software and the hardware required to operate a network of Digital Signage displays. The people who make the Screens usually don’t make either the software, the cables and often the Media Players, and vice versa.

There certainly are a few who do, and many of these are capable products, but at Instoremedia we have taken the approach of opening the software to allow integration of new hardware. Not only does this give you greater choice of hardware, but we believe this enhances the future proofing of Instoremedia software.

Deeper Integration give you a big advantage

Digital Signage systems are, at some level, multi-component integrations and we can give you a deep, comprehensive integration while maintaining your level of hardware choice. This is a big advantage for you.

Another level with Philips D-Line…..

We’ve integrated with Philips onboard, ultra low profile Media Players (to be unveiled at ISE as part of their “Game Changing Innovations”), enabling complete remote configuration, control and monitoring of the Media Player from within the award winning Instoremedia User Interface.

This integration is total and holistic, so that the hardware and software are one. There are very few Digital Signage systems offering you the level of remote commissioning, configuration and ongoing system monitoring that the Instoremedia integration with Philips D-Line offers. This is a solution which is designed to be lifted out of the box, installed and then run with minimal additional input.

What you can see and control from the Instoremedia User Interface

In real time:

  • Fan speed
  • Audio volume
  • Input source
  • Screen Orientation
  • All of this laid out in the most intuitive Digital Signage interface on the market with options to set up custom alerts!

Systems Integrators and resellers

This is all designed to make the job of the systems integrator and resellers as easy as possible. All of the information you require on system well-being is accessible through our unique Region Tree user interface without you having to perform any complex integration.

Once installed, a huge amount of information on collective and individual hardware performance is available, meaning that not only will you be aware if hardware has suffered a fault, but you will see conditions which could lead to future faults.

The system can also be configured to self-monitor, which is a big plus. If someone turns off a screen or resets its orientation, the system will turn it back on or set it back without you having to do anything.

The fully integrated nature of the Screen and Media Player bundle allows simplified purchasing, warranty cover and hardware standardisation.

Simply put, commissioning and monitoring of Screens and Media Players is laid out on a plate, which means that you can get on with servicing your customers!

For more information about Philips Professional Display Solutions, follow the link:

Philips Professional Display Solutions

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