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[lead align=”left” margin_top=”short-top” margin_bottom=”short-bottom” scroll_animation=”none” scroll_animation_delay=”0″]At Instoremedia we develop Digital Signage software so you can deploy and play Media across networks of Digital Displays.

Our intuitive Content Management System enables you to do this from a single User Interface on any scale, from small to global.

Our Central Server Software is the glue holding your network together, making sure content plays when and where you want it to.

Our comprehensive diagnostics mean you can be sure your Displays are playing the content you need.

Our Media Player Software and hardware accelerated Rendering Engines allow you to display all standard and templated Media on the newest, greenest hardware, including Small form PCs, Android devices and Samsung System on Chip.

Our API allows you to integrate new technologies with our software, streamlining your broadcast operations, integrating the latest hardware or even creating personalised, data driven Digital Signage for the Omnichannel.

Our carefully designed software bundles have features to meet the needs of any vertical market using Digital Signage on any scale.

Instoremedia is the winner of multiple industry awards and is the chosen Digital Signage system for several Global brands, so take a look over our website to find out why Instoremedia should be your choice of Digital Signage software for any network, small or large.

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Take a look at our award winning Enterprise Digital Signage platform

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Enterprise Digital Signage software

” margin_top=”short-top” margin_bottom=”short-bottom” scroll_animation=”fadeInRight” scroll_animation_delay=”0″]Our software is both flexible and cutting edge. Invest in a future proof platform and get an extensible, customisable and easy to use solution that delivers high-value, and make your communication more efficient and attractive.
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In-location engagement

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The most powerful digital signage platform helping you to engage your audience

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Powerful content management

” margin_top=”short-top” margin_bottom=”short-bottom” scroll_animation=”fadeInRight” scroll_animation_delay=”0″]Whether you need to display content at an exact time or in response to a trigger, the ability to control when and where your content is presented helps you to maximise the impact of the message.


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